Data Marketing Day by Wizaly .

A day that brings together specialists in Data Driven Marketing to understand how to put data at the heart of marketing strategies and boost the performance of e-commerce sites.

The challenge of attribution .

The main challenge for the acquisition manager is to build up a set of complementary channels that contribute to maximizing overall site activity, while respecting key performance indicators.

Frequently, Traffic Management teams use an attribution or contribution solution that helps them measure the contribution in "conversions" (purchases, leads, subscriptions, etc.) of each channel. This enables them to build up a media mix and arbitrate budgets according to the performance of the different channels. Nevertheless, this contributive vision and the various attribution models help to optimize the levers between them, but are not sufficient to optimize the performance of each lever independently.

ReTargeting is one of the most difficult acquisition channels to monitor, as algorithmic retargeting of the audience leaves very little room for reflection and intervention by the marketing team. And yet, the issues can be manifold: inappropriate advertising pressure, real incrementality, cannibalization, profitability, transparency...

A case study with Marionnaud .

At our most recent Data Marketing Day event, Othmane Bana, our CEO, and Grégory Bocquenet, our Chief Sales Officer, had the opportunity to present a best case from our flagship solution, Smart Retargeting.

In the presence of Perrine Garcia, Marionnaud's Digital Manager, Othmane and Grégory presented the performance of Marionnaud's Retargeting strategy, optimized by Uzerly's technological solutions.

Uzerly's optimization solutions have enabled a considerable increase in results: x3.52 in sales (+700k€) for a budget increase of only 29%.
Beyond profitability, another benefit is advertising pressure, optimized by 22% thanks to more precise targeting.

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