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Benefit from our 3 innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of your Remarketing strategy.

Smooth Integration

Each of our solutions has been thought and designed to facilitate their integration on your e-commerce websites. 3 solutions = 1 technical integration. 

3 remarketing solutions = 1 technical integration

A solution that's unique in the industry

Gain control over your retargeting strategy by designing the retargeting scenario for your target audiences, and by AB testing all of your partner networks.

Experience a unique ReTargeting optimization solution and boost your KPIs: Revenue, ROI and Advertising Pressure, in no time !

Uzerly is a valued partner that guides us throughout the analysis and optimization of our retargeting display campaigns. Their team's expertise and the advanced features of their unique solution enables Uzerly to help us continuously improve our performances and our profitability on this marketing channel.

Adrien Cimarelli

Traffic Manager

Revenue Maximization


cost reduction


Years of r&d


On-site remarketing: boost your conversion rate

We believe your visitors are valuable, and we want to do all we possibly can to maximize their engagement throughout their browsing experience and smartly lead them to complete their transactions.

Discover our on-site behavioral re-engagement solution to instantly boost your sales.

Uzerly were already accompanying us in the management of our email retargeting campaigns. In 2020 we implemented their On-Site Remarketing solution with the aim of maximizing the engagement of our visitors. They have rapidly identified our challenges and our brand universe and have been able to suggest the most appropriate and relevant mechanisms for our two existing websites; B2C and B2B.

Their capacity to build custom-made solutions allowed us to tackle the second half of the year with confidence: Christmas design, item recommendation blocks on product pages, retaining abandoners, etc.

Throughout every lockdowns, we were able to rely on their responsiveness in implementing pop-ins to inform our visitors of the purchase conditions, delivery times, return periods, customer service contact information, etc.

Pauline Batard

Webmarketing Manager

Converted Abandoners


incremental revenue


integration delay


Email Remarketing: Transformez vos abandonnistes into customers

Uzerly recalls the user's abandoned cart and suggests him to come back on the website and complete his purchase.

Thanks to our experience, the deliverability is optimized, as well as the opening and click rates.

Our real-time capture technology allows us to create different user profiles and to customize the follow-up: logged-in members, unlogged members and prospects.

Email Remarketing is the most effective method of follow-up within 30 minutes of the user's departure.

In this first year of collaboration with Uzerly, we are fully satisfied with their support in the management of our email remarketing campaigns. The expertise of their team, their reactivity as well as all the features of segmentation and relaunching of our audience, allowed us to maximize our turnover and profitability while safeguarding the pressure on our visitors.

Camilo Maza Martinez

Acquisition Manager

Converted Abandoners


incremental revenue


integration delay


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