Increase the efficiency of your retargeting campaigns by up to 40%

Uzerly carries out an audit of your campaigns and recommends optimizations
afin d'atteindre vos objectifs de retargeting.

Target the right audience

Control Advertising Pressure

Maximize your Reach, ROI, and Revenue

A solution that's unique in the industry

Gain control over your retargeting strategy by designing the retargeting scenario for your target audiences, and by AB testing all of your partner networks.

Découvrez la solution d’optimisation de votre ReTargeting unique sur le marché et ainsi maximisez vos KPIs : CA, ROI et Pression Pub, dans un délai très court.

Uzerly is a valued partner that guides us throughout the analysis and optimization of our retargeting display campaigns. Their team's expertise and the advanced features of their unique solution enables Uzerly to help us continuously improve our performances and our profitability on this marketing channel.

Adrien Cimarelli

Traffic Manager

revenue enhancement


cost reduction


Years of r&d

3 years

Explore some of our features to optimize your Retargeting campaigns:

Audit .

La première étape avant de mettre en place des optimisations, est d’auditer les performances de vos campagnes de Retargeting, d’estimer les résultats à courts et moyens termes et donc de définir un plan d’action. 

A/B Tests .

Benchmark, measure, and review the detailed performances of your retargeting partners.

Data reporting platform .

Keep track of the performances of each of your Retargeting campaigns on a unique, easy-to-use platform.

Cannibalisation management. .

Evitez la cannibalisation de vos audiences et ainsi maîtrisez votre pression publicitaire en attribuant un pool à chaque Retargeter.

Smart Switch .

Automatically redirect unexploited traffic from your main Retargeter to one or several other Retargeters!

Targeting optimization .

Fine-tune the audiences you want to target in your retargeting campaigns, based on the browsing patterns of your users.

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