Retargeting on social media .

Social media play an increasingly important role in the e-commerce world, with 54% of shoppers use social media to purchase new products. Create synergies between your SMA and Retargeting strategies!

What is retargeting ?

Retargeting is a digital marketing technique used to retarget web site visitors, by serving them an ad or an email that corresponds to their browsing path to get them to convert.

Around 98% of Internet users don't buy anything when they visit a website, and 75% of them abandon their shopping cart before finalizing their purchase in your store. Remarketing techniques enable you to address a qualified, very intentional audience in a personalized way.

Uzerly's Retargeting campaigns are designed to :

  • Maximized sales by 75%
  • 27% ad budget savings
  • Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert than other visitors.
There are different remarketing channels:

    Display Retargeting

This consists in displaying dynamic ads featuring the products the visitor has browsed to maximize the chances of them returning to your website to make a purchase.

    On-Site Remarketing

Stimulate your visitors throughout their browsing experience, boost your conversion rates, and maximize their engagement.
    Email Remarketing
This involves sending emails to contacts who have visited your site to encourage them to return. Discover Uzerly's Email Remarketing solution
    Retargeting on social media
With +3.6 billions Meta Users worldwide, you're bound to find your customers there! In general, Meta (or Facebook and Instagram) is favored as the most generalist and extensive social network. On the other hand, according to your needs and your specific activity, you can use other platforms such as: Linkedin for B2B companies, Instagram or Pinterest for fashion, Snapchat for a younger target...

Retargeting on social media with Uzerly .

Digital usage in France tends to focus on social networks. Nearly a third of all time spent on the Internet is dedicated to social media. It's therefore an unavoidable channel, with a potentially exclusive audience untouchable by other media. Uzerly's expertise in Retargeting on social networks enables you to :
    Leverage the most accurate targeting strategies possible
and reach a high-quality audience based on your visitors' browsing habits.
    • Maximize reach
    by reaching an audience that actively uses social media. Reach a significant incremental volume of potential customers.
      Limiting cannibalization
    by partitioning audience pools so that they are not targeted several times by the same ad. You give your partners the chance to be the only ones to retarget part of the audience. You limit the additional costs and ad fatigue associated with potential cannibalization of your retargeting campaigns.
      Control Advertising Pressure
    with native formats integrated into the feed by allocating a pool to each retargeter. Vary the advertising formats of your retargeting campaign to maximize your conversion rate.
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