Sports Remarketing Barometer .

We know how important it is to implement retargeting to capture your visitors and boost your sales. Thanks to our extensive panel of customers, we've seen a wide range of results in virtually every industry.

We carried out a study of e-merchants in the Sports industry that we support with remarketing solutions, in order to measure the relevance and performance of remarketing solutions in this vertical.

Illustration infographie remarketing sport
Infographie ReMarketing Sport

Email Remarketing .

An innovative and 100% RGPD Compliant dynamic email remarketing solution. Boost your conversions and limit cart abandonment with Uzerly's email remarketing solutions!

Average CTR 25,68%

Email remarketing, sometimes combined with promotional offers, enables us to acquire a high volume of traffic from ultra-qualified audiences.

Average CVR 12,66%

Out of every 100 emails sent, almost 13 result in a purchase on our customers' e-merchant sites. This figure testifies to the effectiveness of our system in recovering lost sales.

Average Recovered Carts +6,4%

Our email remarketing solution, with its "shopping cart recap" features, delivers an average increase in sales volume of +6.4%.

Display Retargeting .

A unique solution for optimizing your Retargeting Display campaigns!
Uzerly performs an audit of your campaigns and recommends unique optimizations and analyses to help you achieve your objectives.

Average CTR 1,07%

Our retargeting display devices have a very high CTR when compared to other display devices.

Average CVR 6,39%

Our display retargeting solution boosts conversion rates by increasing the volume of qualified traffic to a website.

CPA divided by 10

Uzerly's display remarketing optimization solutions result in acquisition costs that are 10x lower than those of standard display campaigns. As retargeted audiences are identified as highly intentional, and retargeting devices are highly effective, outstanding performances are delivered.

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